A blog containing photographs, ideas, discussion and image manipulation tutorials from incurable hippie, a disabled photographer in the north of England. All this, plus inspiration from others' photographic work, and technical aspects of photography.

19 November 2009

Women Like You

I submitted this photo of my Grandma :)

Women Like You: Submit photos for International Women's Day 2010

Manchester Art Gallery exhibition

Is there a woman in your life that has inspired you? Then Manchester based artist Charlotte Newson would like a photograph of them.

Women, by their very nature, are strong characters and Manchester is full of strong and motivating women. We want to celebrate the lives of these ordinary women who in their own way are doing extraordinary things every day.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2010 (IWD), the city council in partnership with the Pankhurst Centre has commissioned Charlotte to create a new portrait of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst for an exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery called Women Like You (6 March – 9 May 2010).

All the donated photographs will be scanned and digitally recorded and will be used to make up the portrait of Manchester’s famous suffragette daughter Emmeline Pankhurst.

The theme of IWD 2010 follows on from this year’s theme which focused on the inspiration and aspirations of women.

Councillor Val Stevens, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council said: “This project gives all of us the chance to think about women who have inspired us. And it’s not just about women; we want men to send photos of women that have made an impact in their life as well. We want to celebrate and recognise the positive aspects of women and their contribution to society. And it will be a chance to be involved in some way in a piece of artistic history in the city.”

Councillor Sue Murphy, Lead member for Women’s issues at Manchester City Council said: “Women, by their very nature, are strong characters and Manchester is full of strong and motivating women. We want to celebrate the lives of these ordinary women who in their own way are doing extraordinary things every day.”
Artist Charlotte Newson said: “We want photographs of women that you feel have made an impact on your life. It really could be anyone – your mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, historical figure or even a contemporary personality. We would like them all.”

Photographs are needed by the end of November to give the artist time to create the portrait. If you have a photograph you would like to contribute you can do so by visiting this facebook group

Photographs can also be dropped off now at the Pankhurst Centre, 60-62 Nelson Street M13 and at Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Central Library between 1 November and 1 December 2009 where special boxes will be available to place them. Please note, it will not be possible to return photographs.

The finished artwork will be officially unveiled at IWD 2010 and will be on display at Manchester Art Gallery until 9 May 2010.
More info here

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