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26 January 2009

Bloggy Giveaway

I am taking part in my first ever bloggy giveaway carnival!

One lucky reader of this blog will win an 8x10" photographic print, and you can choose which print you want from this blog - any one photograph of my own (i.e. not someone else's image I have used here**) will be professionally printed and sent to you, wherever in the world you are, if you win.

All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning, is to leave a comment on this post, saying you'd like to be entered. Feel free to have a look round this blog to see my photography - you will see there is a wide variety of photographic and digital art here, so you should be able to find things you like if you win!

You can see my older posts via the links under 'Blog Archive' further down this page.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

I will randomly choose a winner after the 1st February, and let you know. Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you from your comment.

**The vast majority of the photos on this blog are mine, if they are someone else's that will be obvious as they will have been credited.


My Moms View said...

i love the red tree



Anonymous said...

I looked at a lot, but popular funk is still my favorite! You do cool things with pictures! I love photography too.

Thank you for the chance!

Stop by my blog and look at some of my pictures if you can.

Anonymous said...

oh, and my email is:

sjbraun AT hotmail DOT com

Diana Dang said...

Please enter me! Your photos are lovely!

Angela said...

What fun! Framed art. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are really pretty. I'd love to have one.


captain_lisaad (at) yahoo (dot) com

elizabeth p said...

I would love to have the bradfield landscape photo! I am queenesperfect at yahoo.com

Carrie said...

Please enter me!

adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the red tree/birds. Great job! Thanks for the chance to win one.

AmandaSue said...

Your photos are really neat! I love "Bandstand in Weston Park" Thanks for entering me! unforgetable_dreamer_always AT hotmail DOT com

tatertot374 said...

This would be fantastic to win! Great images. THank you

Reeva said...

i love teh red tree!! I'm having so much fun making friends and blog-hopping again this year.

Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I'm chosen as the lucky winner!!!

Katie said...

I LOVE the Behind a Wet Umbrella photo! Thanks for the great giveaway!
katiellloyd at yahoo dot com

Jason and Alicia said...

I would LOVE to win one of your photos...they're beautiful!


Diane said...

I love your photos! I will have a hard time picking one if I win! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the chance to win! Have a wonderful day!


Kizzie said...

I love the umbrella one! So great!

kizziew at gmail dot com

WonderfullyMade729 said...

I would love to win- thanks!
wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

malleycc said...

I would love to win. Thanks.

paula h said...

I like the Cow Pictures under the archives.

hafner611 {AT} gmail {DOT} com

Alicia said...

definitely The Edale Cat Strikes again

Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

giggling kids said...

I love the think Pink. I would love to win one of these.

rccalyn said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!
-Stacy (slwilkins05@yahoo.com)

Joey and Laura said...

very cool!

Tiffany819 said...

I would love to win that! Thank you for the offer!

Merry said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite is the umbrella picture as it's a bit unexpected!

rebecca said...

this could be so nice! my walls need decoration.

gitrecca at gmail dot com

Katie said...

You have some fantastic photos on this blog!

An iMperfect wIfe said...

I love your photos! And I'd like to be entered. Thanks!


EllyBean said...

Thanks for an opportunity to win this ! What a great giveaway!

Shirley said...

I love your photos of the sunflowers. I'd love to have one of your photos decorating my walls.

Paige said...

I would love to enter. You have some great work.

Julie said...

What a creative giveaway. I appreciate your tutorials on photoshop, very helpful!

taysmommy said...

beautiful work. I would love to display a picture at my home


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work. I love your eye and viewpoint.


Angela said...

beautiful I would love to be entered thanks

Erika Lynn said...

please enter me, i just took a quick look around but i like the behind a wet umbrella. thanks!

Amanda said...

Would love a chance to win

Lilith Silvermane said...

I like the alternative Valentine's card!

Totally cool and would look great hanging in my room!


Lady Christie said...

I like the Autumn colors one.


Julie said...

I love the embroidery thread! I like the 2nd one best :)
It would look great in my craft room!

freetibet said...

Nice giveaway. I'm not sure what I like best though. freetibet1974 at yahoo dot com

April said...

Wow your pictures are soo good!!


Anonymous said...

You have amazing pictures. I'm not sure which to pick. I love the red umbrella, the sunflower and the tulips!

jendrost @ att.net

Darlene said...

The Rainbow Swirl is neat! Thanks for the giveaway!

morality28 said...

I love the under the umbrella....would look great in my guest room!!

casper at dublin dot com

Meredith said...

I love photography and just finished taking a class last semester. I had so much fun taking the class! Plus you have some amazing photos! I really like the Park Benches one.

~Meredith F.
rosesaremyfavorite at hotmail dot com

Jinxy and Me said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
You have nice work!

Jodi said...

I would love to be entered! Thanks! You do beautiful work!

Anam said...

From one hippie to another, Hello and thanks for a chance to win one of your photography prints. I'd love something Buddhist.

Taylor said...

Groovy and awesome from a Child of the 60's! Thank you kindly for the contest! skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

ShaunJoy said...

Would love to win! I love having original artwork around my house. ;)

Stacie said...

Please count me in.

Jenn said...

Wow... you have some really beautiful work on your blog. I would love to win one of your prints.

Thanks so much for the great giveaway!! :)


liane66 said...

Thanks for the giveaway!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the giveaway!


I would love to win,Thanks for the giveaway!!


Kristie said...

Please add me to the list. I'd love to win.


Leigh said...

you have some beautiful photos! I'd love to win one!

oona. said...

I love the photo of all the embroidery threads up close!

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Chi said...

Wow, that will be a hard choice if I win :D So far, the "Raising the Flag" photo is my favorite :) I love the black and white with color aspect as well as british theme :)


3boyzmom said...

Very nice work! I would love to win one of your art prints!! I'm going to be moving and starting fresh with decor and would love a print for my walls!

Maja said...

sunflowers are pretty

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I love all the pictures I saw -- the sewing pics were especially colorful! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ginny said...

enter me please

lisalmg said...

I love your pictures and would love to be entered. Thanks!
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Jenn said...

Would love to put one of your photos on my wall!

ihchicky said...

Great prize. These are lovely. I love the look of them.

kalea_kane said...

Great pictures. I love Crouching Texter. :)

Great giveaway!


Donna said...

Please count me in.

Berek said...

I love the blueberry closeup you posted on 22 November 2008 under food.



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